If we are rafting the upper and middle what is available saturday morning to do? is there time to do the tubing and we just pay a la carte or is there planned hiking, etc?


You won’t have time to go tubing or kayaking but we can plan a morning hike or bike ride for you.  We don’t schedule these but will form groups that morning.  At the ranch there is volleyball and field games as well.

what are the showers like? is it basic with hot water or are there mirrors and such


I presume you’re asking about Raft and Ride.  The showers are pretty basic.  Hot water and plenty of it though.  There are wash basins (sinks) and mirrors as well.  There are two shower rooms both a short walk from the cabins.  Be sure to bring camp or shower shoes.

hi there--for some reason i did not see that there was a reservation deadline for the camping trip for June 7-10. I was interested in coming. Due to a back injury i dont think I can do the rough part of the rafting trip and probably not horseback either. I can hike and bike and tube etc. I am probably at a baby zip line level. Please clarify if i can still register and also what is still available. Jean Gibson 919-272-5440


Jean unfortunately the deadline has passed and we can’t register anyone else.

Hello. If here is no chapter in my area, could I start one?


Where are you located?  Contact me through the Meetup site and we can exchange emails.

Wildflowers and Roaring Creeks

On April 17th A Square Productions did a hike of the Beech Creek Trail in Tate City.  If you have never been there it has to be a must on your to do list.  This is about a 7 to 8 mile loop hike.  Spring is the best time to hike this trail because once you reach the top of Case Knife Gap the trail levels and the wildflowers are abundant.  When we were there we saw Tiger Lilies, Dutchman Breeches, Red Trillium, White Trillium, Dwarf Iris’, Ramps (wild onions), blue violets, and a few mystery flowers.   Wildflowers are not the only thing to see along this trail because there are two beautiful waterfalls, Chimney Rock, which is an interesting rock formation and many views of beautiful Beech Creek.

Even though the beauty of Beech Creek is abundant it is not for the lighthearted.  This is a moderate to strenuous trail and it is highly recommended to hike the trail clockwise.   A2 is known to do everything backwards so we hiked it counterclockwise; however, we had good reason.  It rained heavy two days before the hike and we were aware that the creek levels had risen to dangerous levels.   There are two creek crossings towards the end of the trail that get your feet wet even in low water times.  We made the decision it would be best to hike the trail counterclockwise just in case the creeks were impassable because it would be better to turn around at one mile instead of 6 miles.  The creeks were high and roaring and shoes had to come off in order to cross but we did find safe areas to cross.  So what all this means is that by hiking it counterclockwise the majority of the hike was up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up with very little down.  We did have a group of troupers hiking with us.  No one complained we just took it one step at a time. 

After every hike Anita and Anissa  (A2) always ask each other what was the lesson learned?  The lesson learned from this hike was now we know why all the books and websites we have read describing this trail say to hike it clockwise so next time we won’t say, “how hard can counter clockwise be?”

What is A Square Productions?

Maybe you are new to Outdoor Club South or you have been a member for a while and you have seen events posted by A Square Productions and you have wondered what is an A Square Production.  A Square Productions consists of the two event organizers Anissa Russell and Anita Scroggs (aka A2).   We are two hiking enthusiasts or maybe a more accurate description is two hiking addicts.  We met two years ago on a hike and in those two years we have missed very few weekends of hiking fun!  Every weekend we are out exploring what the mountains, rivers and creeks in the North Georgia, Upstate South Carolina and North Carolina has to offer.   We have found some amazing places and some of these places we choose to share with others.


Our philosophy is “The Journey is the Destination!”    We are out there to enjoy the day, enjoy nature and enjoy each other’s company and we welcome all to join us on a hike one day.   We try to post at least one to two hikes a month; however, space is limited due to we like to hike in a small group because we do not want to overrun a trail and a smaller group leads to a more intimate hiking experience.  So keep your eyes open for one of our hikes and the only thing we require out of you is a good attitude, positive can do spirit and a smile! 

The South’s family friendly outdoor club!

The daughter and I are headed up to the Nantahala area for four days of camping and hiking.  And if it warms up enough maybe we’ll take her first rafting trip down the Nanty!

I am blessed in that Sara loves to hike!  Slowly but surely she’s been building up the mileage and we now can regularly hike 6+ miles together before she tires out.  Oh how I wish I could see the trails through her eyes.  I am awed by the beauty of nature…. but I’m a little jealous in that she gets the ‘first time’ experience.  I have my memories though and it’s fun to recall my first time seeing Chimney Rock or floating down the Nanty.

Getting your kids out into nature is a great gift you can give them.  The studies are piling up now showing that the exercise, fresh air, and exploring their world makes for a happy and healthy child.  So get them off the video games and put a hiking stick in their hands!

Outdoor Club South is here to help you with some great family friendly events.  This year we’ll be putting together a family event planning group as well.  Our goal will be to have at least one family friendly hike each weekend.

So check our calendar and hit the trails soon!

New Beginnings!

Welcome Outdoor Club South members and to all who have stumbled across our group!

I am not and never have been a great writer but I do enjoy sharing our great adventures.  I hope that many of you will also share your stories, photos, and videos of the great outdoor adventures we’ve been on!

Outdoor Club South has become so much more than I ever imagined.  In just 2 1/2 years we’ve grown from a small group of hiking buddies into the largest outdoor club in the South.  As of today we have chapters in eight cities (Asheville, Atlanta, Birmingham, Charlotte, Chattanooga, Greenville, Knoxville, and Savannah) with 7,500 members.  We’ve shared many adventures, explored the South’s beautiful back country, and built friendships that will last a lifetime.

I am truly blessed to have met so many of you in these 2 years.  Only one thing makes a view from the summit even better; sharing it with people you care about!